Day in Genesis

It is popular today to say that the day in Genesis 1 (1:1 – 2:4) can mean an indefinite period of time. But what do you find if you do a word study of this Hebrew word for day? Continue reading


What is the beginning of creation?

Three times in the New Testament the “beginning of creation” is mentioned in our English Bibles (Mark 10:6, Mark 13:9 and 2 Peter 3:4). What does this phrase mean? Does the New Testament use the word “creation” in the same way that we use it today? Continue reading

The Resurrection

The fact of the resurrection of Jesus is central to Christianity.  Our faith stands or falls on the resurrection.  If Christ has not been raised then our faith is worthless and we are still in our sins.

The resurrection of Jesus is also what makes Christianity different from all of the other major religions in the world. Only Christianity claims that its leader actually came back to life.

So let’s look at the evidence for the resurrection and then reflect on the implications.

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