The Moon and the Sun Much Brighter

In Isaiah 30:26 the moon will be as bright as the sun and the sun will be seven times as bright, like the light of seven days. While it is not uncommon for passages of Scripture to talk about the sun and moon going dark, this is the only passage I know that explicitly says that the sun  and moon will shine brighter – much brighter. I have two questions. When will this happen and is the moon’s reflectivity close to one seventh?

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Moving Mountains

Moving mountains was mentioned by Jesus in the context of having faith in God in Mark 11. But what I find surprising in the Bible is the number of times that moving mountains is mentioned in the context of end times. I don’t think that this is figurative language but something that is actually going to happen.

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Red Moons, Eclipses and End Times

Last week there was a total lunar eclipse, a red moon.  This is the first of four full lunar eclipses in a row, six months apart, with all four falling on the Jewish festivals of Passover and the Feast of Tabernacles. While there has been some talk on the internet about what might be the significance of all this, especially from the perspective of the nation of Israel, I would like to examine what the Scriptures say.

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God Will Shake the Heavens

Recently I was doing a study on heavens and God’s voice in the New Testament when I came across this passage in Hebrews 12 which I hadn’t noticed before.  Not only does it talk about the shaking of heaven but, in the same breath, it talks about the removal of this and something which can’t be shaken remaining afterwards! This ties in with several passages that we have already looked at.

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Isaiah 13 and Lights Not Shining

Isaiah 13 is a chapter about judgement but in the midst of it there are references to the coming day of the Lord and astounding things happening in the heavens (v10, 13).  In this post we will take a quick look at Isaiah 13 and then focus in on verse 10.  In the next post we will look at Isaiah 13:13 and other passages that mention the heavens or the earth shaking. Continue reading