Edom in the Old Testament

Based on Isaiah 34 and Isaiah 63, Edom seems to have a key role in end time events, especially with the heavens rolling up like a scroll. This post looks briefly at other Old Testament passages that mention Edom and that could potentially have an end times element. It is written in notes form. Continue reading


The heavens rolling up as a scroll – an alternative explanation

An event in the earth’s atmosphere causing catastrophic turbulence and destroying satellites is offered as an explanation for the heavens rolling up like a scroll and its impact on the host of heaven.  Let me explain why there seems to be strong Scriptural support for this interpretation. Continue reading

Red Moons, Eclipses and End Times

Last week there was a total lunar eclipse, a red moon.  This is the first of four full lunar eclipses in a row, six months apart, with all four falling on the Jewish festivals of Passover and the Feast of Tabernacles. While there has been some talk on the internet about what might be the significance of all this, especially from the perspective of the nation of Israel, I would like to examine what the Scriptures say.

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God Will Shake the Heavens

Recently I was doing a study on heavens and God’s voice in the New Testament when I came across this passage in Hebrews 12 which I hadn’t noticed before.  Not only does it talk about the shaking of heaven but, in the same breath, it talks about the removal of this and something which can’t be shaken remaining afterwards! This ties in with several passages that we have already looked at.

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