The heavens rolling up as a scroll – an alternative explanation

An event in the earth’s atmosphere causing catastrophic turbulence and destroying satellites is offered as an explanation for the heavens rolling up like a scroll and its impact on the host of heaven.  Let me explain why there seems to be strong Scriptural support for this interpretation. Continue reading


Red Moons, Eclipses and End Times

Last week there was a total lunar eclipse, a red moon.  This is the first of four full lunar eclipses in a row, six months apart, with all four falling on the Jewish festivals of Passover and the Feast of Tabernacles. While there has been some talk on the internet about what might be the significance of all this, especially from the perspective of the nation of Israel, I would like to examine what the Scriptures say.

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Heavens Hymn Background

Songs are a powerful medium to communicate things.  Hymns of the past combined Biblical truth in lyrics with memorable music.  As I reflected on this, I wished that I could communicate some of the things I was learning in this Bible study using this medium.  I am not a musician so I didn’t know how this could happen.  Possibly my brother might compose something a little way down the track.  Then I had this idea of taking the easy way out for less musical people – use the tune to a classic hymn and write my own lyrics to it.  The hymn “To God be the glory” came to mind at this time.  The end result was this Heavens Hymn. Continue reading