What sort of medium does the Bible hint at?

Let’s summarise what sort of medium the Bible hints at based on our earlier studies. There are three key things that I want to focus on – two that are related to the heavens (shamayim) and one that is related to the skies (shachaq). Continue reading


Heavens Hymn Background

Songs are a powerful medium to communicate things.  Hymns of the past combined Biblical truth in lyrics with memorable music.  As I reflected on this, I wished that I could communicate some of the things I was learning in this Bible study using this medium.  I am not a musician so I didn’t know how this could happen.  Possibly my brother might compose something a little way down the track.  Then I had this idea of taking the easy way out for less musical people – use the tune to a classic hymn and write my own lyrics to it.  The hymn “To God be the glory” came to mind at this time.  The end result was this Heavens Hymn. Continue reading

Stretching Out the Heavens

As we saw in a previous post, the Bible uses the Hebrew word natah to describe the stretching out of the heavens. However, there seems to be two distinct ways in which the word natah is used in relation to the heavens:

  1. To bow or bend the heavens (for God to come down) (2 Sam 22:10)
  2. To stretch out the heavens (e.g. like a curtain) (Ps 104:2, Is 40:22)

Let’s take a look now at the thirteen verses which use natah in relation to the heavens (shamayim) to see what we can learn.

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What does stretching out the heavens mean?

The Bible uses the Hebrew word natah to describe the stretching out of the heavens. Let’s take a look at how this word is used in the Bible in order to better understand what it means when it is applied to the heavens. If you are anything like me in your assumptions about what the stretching out of the heavens means then you are in for a surprise!
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